imageLadeda… don’t mind me… just writing some smut with characters I don’t even know that well… I’m sorry, the prompt queen made me do it.

Marco had always known that Ace was hot. That was one of the reasons he was here right now. 

He’d just not expected him to be quite this hot. 

"I’m sorry!", Ace blurted out as Marco pulled back. "Are you okay?" 

"Yeah, no biggie", Marco said as he held up his finger, which was bubbling with blue flames that were indicative of his skin regenerating itself. Ace winced at the sight. "Did I go to fast, did I startle you?", Marco asked. 

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Again, happy birthday, Dea!

Summary: Ace is determined to take the king’s head, in order to free his town. Pretending to be a knight, he discovers it is not easy to kill a king, especially when said king has fifteen loyal knights to defend him. Ace is determined to fight even if it kills him, untill a certain blond knight takes special interest in him. Birthday fic for MyLadyDay. Medieval/Arthurian AU. MarcoxAce.

Rated M


Please Don’t Throw Me Away


Rating: T

Characters/Pairings: Tim Drake, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Alfred Pennyworth

Warnings: None?

A/N: From this plot bunny from Afewnovelideas… though it kinda divulged a little ^.^*

Thankyou so much to Batman-defeats-all for the beta XD

Snippet:  It was one whole week fraught with worry and a hell of a lot of bribes to get Tim back, that stretched his sources thin but it at least made one thing clear… You don’t mess with Batman’s sons; these newbies to the criminal game sure knew that now.

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Against the Dying of the Light


Summary: Ra’s al Ghul is a strange man, and the young Timothy Drake is a strange boy. It makes sense, really.

Notes: NO, THIS IS NOT ACTUALLY RA’S/TIM. THIS WILL EVENTUALLY BE JAYTIM, SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE. This is part one of at least two, and I am currently writing part two. 

This chapter just sets up the AU (the one where small, pre-Robin TIm meets Ra’s and Ra’s is like, yeah, you’re coming home with me). Enjoy.

Crossposted to AO3.

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Anonymous asked you: Is it still ok to ask for DamiTim prompts? No Verse: Alfred has to leave for a week to attend to personal business. Since Tim is the only one he trusts in the kitchen he asks Tim to help out with making Damian’s school lunches. Tim sets out to embarrass Damian through cutesy bento lunches. Damian’s horrified, but for all his grumbling he eventually looks forward to each one. Cue grudging Damian going to Tim to ask for snacks after Alfred returns *v*

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imagevarevare replied to your post: varevare replied to your post: and then everything…

but are we getting threesome or not


Jason was fucking with Tim up until the moment Dick crashed in on them—fingers brushing and rubbing over his suit,…


By all means, make yourself at home. (Nightwing/Robin, tickling, R)


Title: By all means, make yourself at home.

Contains: m/m, Dick/Tim, Nightwing/Robin, Tickling, sexual content, Robincest.

A/n: While Tim and Dick aren’t brothers by blood, they call each other brother. Tim is quite younger than Dick, but not under age. If a relationship within those parameters isn’t your cup of tea, that’s okay, but this might not be for you.

This was written entirely on my iphone and is entirely unebeta’d, i apologize for typos or grammar errors. First foray into what I’ve actually been wanting to write for ages.

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(dry house, wet clothes)


A/N: A fluffy little drabble inspired by the wonderful incogneat-oh's headcanon.

Tim’s hands are always cold.

Fingertips, especially. Stubbornly resistant to gloves, and friction, and warm breath, they’re always just on this side of icy numbness. They’ve been this way for so long that Tim doesn’t remember what it really is to be really warm all the time, and the sudden, all-over heat that comes with warm showers is an unwavering surprise, each and every day.

And, although he has no recollection of this, when Tim was small in the vast coldness of his parents’ house, he used to shove them into his armpits in an attempt to warm them; despite the meager effect of his low body heat, the habit just kind of stuck.

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Fic- Sounded Better in My Head


Pairing- DickTim

Summary- Damn it, he should be angry but he just finds this ass so irresistible.


Suffering some wicked writers block so here: an fic I did weeks ago for Bee. Woot.

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The Usefulness of Escrima Sticks (Outside of Crime Fighting )


Pairing: DickTim
Rating: NC-17 for object insertion

“In public though, really?”

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